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This is Captain Puffy Pants.


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I can’t resist anything with an animal theme especially, a LION theme, due in no small part to The Stig, who is sitting next to me and “helping” as I type this.  So I’m offering a menagerie of goodies in my Etsy Store.

70's 80's African Lion's Head Choker Necklace

Vintage 60's MOD Gold Elephant Pin

Vintage 80's Safari Theme Satin Cord Belt w/Wooden Animals (including lions)

Vintage 70's Planter with Goofy Lions

Vintage 40's Jacquard Circus Horse Wide Tie

Vintage 60's Pop Art Butterfly Maxi Dress

Vintage 70's Partridge in A Pear Tree Sterling Silver Pin

Vintage 80's Gold Elephant Chain Belt

Big Cats

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I love big cats.  Specifically, this big cat (The Stig a/k/a Captain Puffy Pants)

I love the big cats on this Serbin dress too:

They’re angry!

You can read more about Serbin here.  You can check out the dress auction here.

The latest addition to the NSV Cast of Characters

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The Stig*


and Luna

are not impressed.

The Stig* sheds a lot, and though he has no contact with the vintage, an occasional ginger coon cat hair may find itself onto a piece, most likely via me, the cat hair magnet.

*Yes, we here at NSV Corporate Headquarters are fans of Top Gear, and the cat’s namesake is that “The Stig.”

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