Vintage Bulletin

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Thank you to Carol at Dandelion Vintage for the mention in last week’s Vintage Bulletin about this 1960’s black sequinned cocktail dress:

The Haps

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In between hunting down great vintage, listing on eBay and etsy, taking photos, shipping out packages, and learning CSS as I redesign my website (that last one is taking a while), I’ve also been:

^Meeting (and by meeting I mean having beer with): Patrick Corrigan, who is designing a new logo for me.
^Entertaining: houseguests
^Reading: Nuala O’Faolain
^Watching: Madmen, Swingtown, and Project Runway (it’s research!)
^Also watching: Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Weeds, The Venture Brothers, and Trailer Park Boys (not research, necessarily).
^Listening to: podcasts of This American Life, Selected Shorts, and Radiolab.
^Also listening to: Brown Bird (and all the artists on the Peapod label), Kinski, Scissorfight, and The Who.
^Riding: My BMW and sometimes a 1957 Triumph T100.
^Also riding: My mountain bike (though not very well).
^Obsessing over: This…..

Rush on the TV!


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The catty gay icing on the deliciously fluffy Project Runway cake

Project Rungay


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Wants in. (taken while i was photographing clothing to list online. it’s not like i got out a camera to photograph the poor bastard while he was dangling off the screen – i already had it in hand!)

I’m biased

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But early advertising for BMW motorcycles is the coolest. Love that teutonic Deco industrial look!

Black Sex Jumpsuit

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I want:

From the James Brown Auction.

Say it again! Black Sex Jumpsuit.

Reading is sexy!

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Though I’m impressed with her beauty, I’m even more impressed by the fact that she got through Ulysses!

Via Reading is Sexy (some photos NSFW)

I love him.

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Hand made wooden Kewpie plant holder? ash tray? peanut dish?

From a yard sale in Western Maine.

The look on his face cracks me up – as if someone just pinched his little bottom.

Oh Canada

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Some of my favorite things are from Canada – including many of my best buyers.

A few other cool things from the North:

Trailer Park Boys: (warning – bad language and drug use)

My associate does an eerily good imitation of Bubbles. I even bought him a pair of thick large framed glasses and chase him around the house with them, begging him to put them on and sing “Liquor and Whores.”

Margaret Atwood (Oryx and Crake is one of my most beloved books)
Jonathan Walford (smart, adorable, and author of The Seductive Shoe)
Vintage cafe racer jackets (not sure why, but most offered sale on eBay are from Canada).
Tourists at Old Orchard Beach in their tiny swimsuits (okay – not necessarily awesome, but always entertaining)

And of course….RUSH: (Double neck guitar, double neck bass, played [gloriously] by bare chested men in satin kimonos! How awesome is that?!)

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