A few more things that I like

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80’s Mr Zog’s Sex Wax Sweatshirt

My bike – now running! It started on the 2nd kick!

Vintage Dansk and Heller

My little Luna (short for lunatic)


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Is back!

Apparently I’m not the only one who loves this look.

Beware the Ties of March

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I have about 50 ties going up for auction right now – culled from the de-acquisition of a Maine museum. Here are a few examples:

Yes, it’s St Patricks Day

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and yes, I have been told I have the map of Ireland on my face. And I have red hair (with some help from my fabulous hairdresser, Justin), and I like the occasional beer, and I’ve been to Dublin and Cork, though I did NOT kiss the Blarney Stone.

But I enjoy March for other reasons

Market Publique

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Could I resist a sexy new vintage clothing auction site? No.

Spring cleaning

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Not NorthStar Vintage Corporate Headquarters necessarily, rather, my eBay folder, with my sales from the past 8 months.

It may sound self-congratulatory, but I find (and manage to sell) some cool stuff. One thing I’d like to find more of are vintage t-shirts. But it would be tough to get rid of them. I love them for myself even more than I love the money they can bring in.

Here are a few from the NSV archives:

1980’s Todd Rundgren Sweatshirt (pre-annoying Bang on the Drum All Day Song).

1980’s Fishbone T-shirt (which makes me regret that I didn’t keep the t-shirts from when I used to go to tons of punk rock/ska/metal/new wave shows):

1950’s Matchless Motorcycle t-shirt (bought for myself, off of eBay, worn once, maybe)

1920’s Cambridge Cycle Club wool (ick) racing jersey. This was a good one!

Where am I?

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