Oh la lingerie!

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Summer means vintage lingerie at NorthStar Vintage! (everyone already has their summer wardrobe and it’s too damn hot to start thinking about fall clothes).

Click on the image to see the auctions!


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Actually, were this about this type of tag, the title of the post would more aptly be named “Label.” This is about an online blog version of tag. (This is from one of the dresses to be listed on my forthcoming website).

I was tagged by Freudian Slips. Here are here are the rules:

Copy the logo and place it on my blog
Link it back to the person who gave it to me
Pass it on to five fellow bloggers

List 10 things about myself.

Here’s the logo:

I’ve linked back to Freudian Slips above (and wow does she have beautiful stuff!).

I’m going to tag:
Lucite Box
Debutante Vintage
Couture Allure
Damn Good Vintage
Hatfeathers Vintage

These are all people that I have “met” through the online vintage community. Not only do they have amazing clothing and addictive blogs, but they also seem like folks with whom I’d like to have a cocktail or three.

And as for the ten things about myself:

1. My favorite condiment is salt.
2. I am training for a half-marathon in November (provided my joints hold up)
3. I was lucky enough to have Charles Simic as a poetry professor in college.
4. Having grown up in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, I can pick up even the faintest Philadelphia accent.
5. I make up songs about my cats.
6. Growing up I loved clutter and bric-a-brac. About two years ago, I embarked on a major purge, which included three yard sales, and approximately 76 trips to the dump. (I love the local dump – the guys who work there make sculptures out of the trash). Now I try to be a minimalist, and am always editing my belongings. This is a constant battle, and one of the reasons I am planning on having another yard sale later this summer.
7. The trashier the reality show, the more I love it. Charm School, Daisy of Love, Miami Social – I watch them all.
8. To balance #7 – I do the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle every week. And by “do” I don’t necessarily mean “finish.” I also read 2-4 books per week.
9. It’s a cliche to say this, but it’s true – I am married to the love of my life.
10. My latest “vision quest” is to try a Bloody Mary in every restaurant in Maine. So far – the best was from Buck’s Naked BBQ – it’s garnished with a rib! The worst was from Margaritas, where they use grenadine instead of tomato juice. It was undrinkable. Gack!

For those about to rock

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We salute you! (click on the shirt to see the auction)

Four concert shirts from the late 80’s. I love that the Aerosmith shirt lists the band’s show at the Old Orchard Beach Ballpark, which was not exactly a massive venue. Or it didn’t seem that way when I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gregg Allman there in 1989 (or 1990 – those years are blurry). That night I thought I was the shizzle because I was wearing my Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax T-shirt. THAT is a shirt I have kept.

But of the bunch, my favorite shirt is the Ozzy Osbourne shirt with the shagged perm and burning book. Not because of the front, but because of the back:

In case you can’t read it, it’s a test about Ozzy.

Ozzy is….
_My Granny’s Favorite Singer
_The Demon King
_A Swell Guy Who Like Pets
_A Heavy Metal Madman
_Imperator of the Dark Legions
_All of the Above (which is the correct answer, of course)

If this was the type of question found on SAT’s, every kid in my high school would have gone to Harvard.

I don’t really go to big shows anymore, but I will make exceptions – for my beloved Rush, and for these guys, who I’ll be seeing tonite, on a bayside Pier here in Portland.

What I did on my summer vacation

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My beloved BMW R50/2 has been suffering some electrical issues, so instead of riding around the wilds of Maine on two wheels, I saw the sights in a car. And by “saw the sights” I mean, went to yard sales.

Most of the morning was spent trying to find an elusive yard sale which promised 4 stories of accumulation from 4 generations. It yielded nothing – though a giant paper mache Santa’s sled did tempt me.

Closer to home I did find one of my holy grails, sort of – a La Creuset pan:

I realized that the heaviness that makes a La Creuset so desirable, is probably what landed it in a yard sale. This bad boy probably weighs 20 pounds, and with a nice curry in it, it’s going to need a front end loader.

Also found – lucite/silver side table which will allow me to spill water, without consequence, when I water this crazy curly spider plant:

But it hasn’t been all play – I have a bunch of 40’s and 50’s dresses from a knockout estate, and a pit party worthy buy of 80’s concert t-shirts (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Ozzy, though sadly, for me, no Rush).

On a happier note, we fixed my bike today, so for better or for worse, this may be my last weekend of yard sales.

The living is easy

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So in honor of The Stig’s laziness, and mine, I’m having a 25% off sale on all my store items.

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