Rainy day

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Flea Market. Fort Andross, Brunswick, Maine


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I am genetically suited for this job. My mother was a SERIOUS shopper. My father is an antiques dealer. They were both partial to keeping things. I prefer getting rid of things (and making money from them if at all possible!).

So this week we here at NSV Corporate Headquarters are getting ready for a yard sale (our third!). I have just spent a hot, dusty, head bumping hour in the attic, trying to pull out stuff to sell. Unfortunately, most of it is unsaleable, because it’s all family “heirlooms.” Approximately 15 boxes of family heirlooms.

Some of the things I’ve unearthed:

  • All my baby teeth
  • The high school graduation diploma of a relative (no idea who) from 1920.
  • The receipt for my grandmother’s clothing purchases when she was visiting Paris in the 20’s
  • Every card given to my mom after I was born.
  • The George Washington costume that my mother made for me in 5th grade
  • Approximately 300 Christmas ornaments
  • My mother’s suitcase
  • The pamphlet from my 6th grade graduation

I am touched by my parents’ devotion to saving every tiny relic of my existence and family history, clutter makes me anxious. Still, all I can do is put my baby teeth and Christmas ornaments back in the box, to hand down to some other hapless craphound.


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Someday I plan on using these websites. In the meantime I feel like a better person just for having them in my bookmarks.

Color Scheme Designer. Maybe I’ll use this when I finally redo the kitchen.
Background Designer
You Work For Them Stock Vectors (basically they’re stamps for photoshop)
VDAS Online resource for visual arts (pretty pictures!)
Encyclopedia of Symbols
Smashing Magazine

I love this blog

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It’s hot. I’m crabby because I only found a few yard sales this morning (Southern Maine people, I IMPLORE YOU, please take down the yard sale signs when you are done!) . I have a hangover.

So I’m nursing a raspberry lemonade, pouting, and reading man blogs.

The Selvedge Yard.
Heavy Tweed Jacket
PTLDME (yay Portland!)
Dandy Nihilism
Archival Clothing

And another thing….

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Some good:

  • Art of the Kickstart Art Show at Rise Galleries (here I am in attendance with my beloved 1969 BMW R50/2 and vintage BMW shirt.)
  • Project Runway
  • Madmen
  • Top Chef
  • The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by my friend Melody Fortier
  • Tossed and Found by my friends Linda Wary and John Meyers
  • I got to hang out (and by hang out I mean shop) with Hollis from Past Perfect Vintage
  • It’s really warm outside
  • I got an iPhone.
  • New brick patio (with lots of delicious bare dirt around it – an excuse to buy more plants!)

And the bad

  • RIP John Hughes and Les Paul
  • RIP Mary Catherine Lamb from complications of breast cancer.. I never met her in person but we were on several online forums together, and she rocked. I’m feeling like I can’t do her justice by trying to explain how cool she was, but this video shows it clearly.

The Folly of Excess

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My associate, Mr. Northstarvintage, had other plans last Saturday and couldn’t join me as I made the rounds. So I brought along my friend, and new favorite yard sale pirate, Sophie, (who runs Rise Gallery) and we scored big time.

Not having Mr. NSV around meant that I didn’t have to listen to his occasionally annoying (but always right) voice of reason. Because yes, I do need a child’s Huffy bike.

We had to have a super cute old man tie the bike to the back of my car. One advantage of shopping with a cute girl is that the guys are always willing to give us a hand!

Sophie found lots of cool old boxes, that she’ll actually end up using.

The things I found – not so useful. Like this 60’s enamel plate. (though it is beautiful!)

And this four headed ram thingy. Supposedly from Iran.

I am convinced that I will find a use for this 1940’s hand made toy stove. Mr. NSV is not so sure.

Huge bin of mystery fabric. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. Mr. NSV says “hate” because the bin weights about 50 pounds and I make him move it around the house.

My goal is to train the cats to sleep in this. And look at the graphics!

This fit perfectly between the two chaise lounge chairs on the patio and does a great job holding my gin & tonics.

We’re having a yard sale next weekend. You might see some of this stuff for sale.

Catch 22

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I’ve been doing all sorts of cool stuff, finding all sorts of crazy schwag, and my cat, the Stig, has been extra cute. But I’ve been too busy to blog about it.

However today it’s hot, and I have the fan blowing onto me and my computer, so I’m relegated to catching up online (okay, and catching up on Megan Wants a Millionaire and Real Chance of Love 2 – both of which are horribly delicious).

So, after ignoring my Etsy store for several months, I’ve stocked it with purses, scarves, belts, even a pair of 30’s pumps and a great 50’s irridescent beaded necklace.

Check it out!

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