Second best vintage leather jacket ever.

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If I didn’t already own the best vintage leather jacket in the world:

(it’s a Brooks 60’s cafe racer jacket with stars on the cuffs), then I would keep this for myself:

It’s a 40’s Horsehide leather jacket with iridescent lining.   And it’s up for sale now.

One more reason I love my job.

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I’m a geek for research.

While searching for information about this Conmar Zipper on a 1940’s Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket (to be listed momentarily)

I came across this blog post….with lots of pictures of vintage zippers, including this gorgeous Deco Conmar:

It’s always good to know that others share my enthusiasm for these weird, small things.


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In acknowledgement of daylight savings time I’ve just listed some gorgeous black 1940’s clothing on eBay.

Note that this is an acknowledgment, not a celebration.  I’m not really a fan of daylight savings time, but it does give me an excuse to put on my pajamas and drink red wine an hour earlier.

40’s Pinstriped Gangster Suit

Snow good.

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Snowfall in October does not bode well.

But last night’s mini-squall forced me to acknowledge winter, and list accordingly (though grumpily).

Here’s my first batch of winter coats.  There are more to come. If there’s anything I find lots of here in Maine, it’s winter coats.  So…many…winter….coats.
(click on the photo to go to the auction).

70’s Pink Abercrombie & Fitch Trenchcoat
1950’s Faux Leopard Coat XL

1970’s Gray Wool Belted Coat w/Huge Fur Collar

1960’s Mod Snow Leopard Coat
(not really a winter coat, but oh well)

Why I hate October

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As I’m sure you’re all aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, even without the official designation, I’m pretty damn aware of breast cancer during this month, as my mother died of breast cancer on October 31, 2002. And it was not, to reference the facetious title of Simone De Beauvoir’s memoir, A Very Easy Death.

As a participant in the VFG’s Shop Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Sale, until the end of October I will donate 10% of the purchase price of any item purchased from my eBay or Etsy store with the word “Pink” in the title, and I’ll match the amount (which I realize means I’ll be donating 20% of the purchase price – math is not my strong point.)

I’ll be making the donation to the Susan Komen for the Cure Foundation in memory of my mother, Florence Smith.

If you’d like to donate without making a purchase, you can do so online.

Some of the items available:

1950’s Pink Strapless Lame Gown
1950’s Vanity Fair Pink Nylon Chiffon Nightgown
1950’s Dark Pink Taffeta Dress/Bolero Set
Vintage 80’s Pink/Purple Oversized Glasses
Vintage Tammis Keefe Cat Scarf

CLICK HERE for all my pink eBay items.

And HERE for my Etsy store.

Thank you to everyone who participates!


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As mentioned in a previous blog, or, rather blogs, boots, both wearing them and selling them, help me deal with the cold weather.

Here are a few I have listed right now: (click on the photo to go to the sale)


I love it when this happens.

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In my 10 years of selling, I’ve only been able to find the original ad for an item of selling twice. One was for a Bali-Bo bra, which had an extended run, so it wasn’t even an exact match (sadly the link is dead). And once for a Sears Girdle – and it wasn’t even an ad, it was the catalog listing (which made it very easy to write the description).

So I was thrilled to find the original ad for this crazy Avon pendant.

From a 1974 Avon Catalog.  I encourage you to check out the catalog (links at the bottom).  I had no idea that Avon made such cool jewlery.  For example:



And this one is my favorite:

Of course Avon was not without its  clunkers:
 To me cuddly and jewelry are not words that should go together.

If you want to make yourself look 20 years older.
The Mayan pendant and some newly listed jewelry, pocketbooks, and belts can be found on my

The screens go off. The storms go on.

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It’s always a sad day when the screen windows come off, and the storm windows go on. Not only because it involves cleaning the glass (using vinegar/water/a dollop of detergent and newspaper – it works really well) but because it symbolizes the end of the warm weather and the start of the eternal Maine winter.

Still, there are good things about fall – black tights, Frye boots, fur collared coats, cashmere, and red wine.

And now I can finally get behind listing all the cold weather clothing I’ve been accumulating over the year. It’s Maine, so I find a lot of it. I’ll also be working through a big estate, including some KILLER 30’s and 40’s dresses.

Stay tuned!

Vintage Inspirations

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At the Vintage Fashion Guild.

So much eye candy! I can never get my act together enough to participate, but I encourage you to check out those who did!

I Curator.

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There was an interesting article in the New York Times Style Section yesterday about the new use of the term “curate.”

I consider myself a curator. Because I can’t create. So instead, I shop.


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