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My hunky Mountie pillow, featuring my second favorite Canadian after Geddy Lee, has been featured in an Etsy Treasury!

My second favorite Canadian, after Geddy Lee

My second favorite Canadian, after Geddy Lee

Thank you to Maggie at Denisebrain


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If you’re being inundated with repeat Blog, Facebook, and Twitter postings. I am relocating to a sexy new WordPress blog and changing all my feeds.

This is still a work in progress, but, enjoy. I’m quite smitten with WordPress these days.

Just a reminder

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The NorthStar Vintage 35% off sale ends on January 3! Click on the Lion & Butterfly dress to check out the sale.


Portland Picnic

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Mr. NSV and I went to the Portland Picnic last weekend to buy Christmas presents from local indy craftsfolk.
Bad dea, in retrospect, because all we wanted to do was buy for ourselves.
A few of the things I didn’t buy:
Purses from Boomchick-a-boom

Pottery from Patti Aggi Ceramics:

 Earrings from Fayandrada:

Sweet weed box (and anything) from Strong Arm Bindery (who was once my studio neighbor – I could hear her binding the books, which was really cool).

I could even get NEAR the Grandma June table to look at the vintage, but I am positive that it was fabulous.
 Long t-shirt from Pinecone & Chickadee
Another photo portrait by Nathan Eldridge: (because I already have one!)
 Jellyfish print from Emblem Studios:
EVERYTHING offered by Ferdinand:

And about 90% of the other things offered at the sale.

Bad Taste

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I love the saying, “Her taste is in her mouth.”

With my affection for bizarro lawn art, spooky head art, and 70’s motorcycle helmets, some would probably say that about me.  But I like to think I’m just eclectic.

However, I don’t think eclectic explains my ardor for this 1970’s black satin roller disco jacket with a sparkle uniform on the back.   Especially because it’s a man’s jacket.  But I love it.  I love the man that wore this, and I love thinking that some other guy might rock this look.

Or maybe all those psychedelic college experiences are catching up.

In case you agree that this is the most insanely fabulous jacket ever, you can bid on it HERE.

Something to think about

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The Politics of Vintage

Including the questions:

  • Is wearing a fashion from an oppressive time period indeed a symbol of that oppression?
  • Is there such a thing as “reclaiming” these fashions so that they are symbols of power rather than domination?
  • Should we only make patterns from the eras that were the least oppressive to women?
  • If wiggle skirts and the like are offensive to those with feminist sensibilities, what is the alternative? I mean, what could we possibly wear that would establish us as feminists to those who view us?
  • Are 50’s wiggle skirts really that different from modern pencil skirts?
  • What about current fashions that are restrictive? Stilettos, Spanx, etc? Skinny jeans? Are these symbols of oppression towards women?

I need to think about this one, but off the cuff, my answer to almost every question is, “No.”

Happy Holidays

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We’ve assembled the aluminum tree (sadly the color wheel does not work), put on the vintage ornaments (there was some red wine involved, so we did lost a few), and propped up Scary Santa in the Bertoia chair.

The Stig showed his appreciation by trying to eat the tree.

He was really into it for a minute, but thankfully, tinsel is not to his liking.


So instead he struck a pose and gave me my electronic Christmas card.

Happy Holidays.  Life is good.

Let’s try this again.

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Apparently my previous sale only lasted for one day.

So I’ve extended it until January, and deepened the discount to 35%.

Click on the 1940’s lavender silk Art Deco dress (now 35% off) to go to the sale:

Christmas doesn’t have to be scary.

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30% off all eBay store items!

Sparkly (and some not so sparkly) things

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Holiday clothes for women and men. Click on the photos to go to the auctions, or click HERE to see all my items.
And for the guys:

60’s Black Cashmere Overcoat XL

50’s Blue Velvet/Satin Smoking Jacket

50’s Shiny Rockabilly Shirt

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