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In 1986 and I was 18, segueing into an all-black wardrobe and  working through a series of unfortunate rebellious hairstyles. Hanging out in a dorm room, I first heard Jon Spencer’s band, Pussy Galore’s song, **** Tease.  The song rocked, but I was still slightly shocked, and totally smitten. .

When I was 21, my boyfriend gave me a Pussy Galore album and a cream horn for my birthday.  Both things I dearly loved and enjoyed.  Sadly, after we broke up, he jimmied the lock of  my apartment and stole the record, some spare change, and a bottle of cooking sherry.

By the early 90’s I lived in big apartment with a 60’s thrift store sofa, a bunch of boys, and an iguana named Rosebud.  We listened to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and drank Rolling Rock all the time.

So of course I left suburbia last week to go see Spencer’s new band Heavy Trash. The icing? My husband’s band, King Memphis, was the opening act.   I drank beer and stayed up late and ogled the band like I  was still 21.

I no longer have the alcoholic boyfriend, thankfully.  But I still have an all-black wardrobe, questionable hair, and damn I love Jon Spencer.

How could I not!?


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It’s such a cliche, I know, but WOW I love shoes.  I know you probably do too.

Here are a few of my favorites, for sale now, as I type this.  Click on the photo to see the sale site.  Better sooner than later, as these won’t last long!

Vintage 30's Green Leather Art Deco Pumps

Vintage 30's Green Leather Art Deco Pumps

Vintage 70's Monster Platform Sandals

Vintage 70's Monster Platform Sandals

Vintage 90's Red Velvet Doc Martens Boots

Vintage 90's Red Velvet Doc Martens Boots

Vintage 80's White Rainbow Inset Leather Pumps

Vintage 80's White Rainbow Inset Leather Pumps

Vintage 90's Chunky Mary Janes by Doc Martens

Vintage 90's Chunky Mary Janes by Doc Martens

(Yikes – sorry for the photoshop work on that last pic!)


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This is what I’ve been doing….

vintagesalepic copy

Putting on a vintage sale and hanging out with a super cute puppy.   This shot (sorry for the poor quality) shows about 1/4 of the clothing up for sale.

I wish I could say all this treasure was mine, but this was a collaborative effort with a group of very cool women, including

Sophie, who organized this event and hosted it at Rise Gallery.

Mandy of GrandmaJune who also plays bass in the band Honey Clouds.

Sonia of HandMeDownOwl, aka Sontiago.

Hannah from Ponomo, who sings for Isobell.

Jess from The Find Vintage.

Heather  from Really Really Remade.

Daria from Luksin Designs.

Sara from Que Sera Sera

Melissa from Olives Vintage

Meghan from Curious and Sundry

Sheri from Caustic Culture.

I would have taken pictures of the sale itself if we had not been so crazy-busy, with the checkout line reaching to the back of the sale space.  But the customers were patient and happy and I got to see some of my favorite local people, including Heather from The Beadin Path, the artists Jenny Gardner and Pat Corrigan, some of my high school classmates, and of course my darling husband, who managed to not pull anything out of the sale except for two vintage ties.

We’re looking for a bigger venue and more vendors for the next sale and hope to make this a quarterly event.  I cannot wait  – I love meeting the people who buy my clothes!

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