Merry Christmas

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Wishing you peace, happiness, and a silver tree full of toys.

My STARS! Etsy Treasury

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In honor of my business name, the solstice, and of course, Bugs Bunny.

‘My STARS!’ by northstarvintage

I’m a sucker for stars – the kind that twinkle in the sky. So in honor of Winter Solstice, here’s a selection of things that sparkle.

Vintage 70’s RH…


Vintage 50s 60s Bla…


Garolini Teatro all…


2 Vintage ART DECO …


vintage 1980s black…


Rhinestone strap sp…


Cropped Sequin Silv…


Vintage BOB MACKIE …




Vintage 1950s Space…


dazzling vintage 19…


SALE Vintage 50s Go…


Kramer Black and Wh…


50s Vintage Studded…


Vintage 90s Black a…


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Christmas Presents – for myself.

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Several weeks ago I went to a great local vintage/handmade clothing sale at Space Gallery here in my beloved Portland, Maine  because, yea, I uhhh…need more clothes.  It was heaven – lots of lovely vendors, open bar, old-timey music, and tons of amazing clothes and accessories.  But I managed to avoid the booze and came out of there only with with these two big fat lovely books:

Textiles Fiber to Fabric is a whopping old textbook that goes into every single aspect of fabric, from the molecular structure of rayon, to a schematic of nylon 6 production.  It’s way more information than I (or almost anyone) would ever need, but there are also all sorts of cool charts about fabrics, like this one, explaining the difference between woolen and worsted fabrics:

Or a diagram of the different parts of a stocking:

The Vogue Sewing book is a little lighter (literally, not figuratively) 450 page tome on couture sewing techniques.  Again, most of this is far beyond my reference needs, but there’s some super helpful information, like this stain removal chart:

And best of all –  lots of pictures.  Yay!

Portland has a slew of cool multi-vendor sales, like the aforementioned sale, the bi-annual Picnic Music & Arts Festival, the MECA Holiday Sale, and my personal favorite (not only because I’m a participant), the Rise Vintage  Trunk Sale, held every fall and every spring.  I’ve discussed the sake briefly before, but Kate Sullivan-Jones does a much better job describing it in her blog.  Click on the picture to read about it (and please be sure to check out her gorgeous Etsy store HERE).

Etsy Sale – 20% Off

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To show my appreciation for my readers and customers, I’m having a sale in my Etsy store.

Use the coupon code:


to get 20% off.  The sale runs until the end of the year.

Happy Holidays!

Vintage Fashion Guild Newsletter.

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With articles on zippers, Tiffany’s, silver spoons, and more, the newsletter makes me an  even prouder member of the VFG. Look for quarterly additions in the future.

Click the image to go to the download page.

My stars!

Willie Nelson and The Texas Troubadours

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I am completely obsessed with this video, featuring a very chill (and mock turtleneck wearing) Willie Nelson, in front of The Texas Troubadours, who totally shred.

Vintage Belts – just added to the NorthStar Vintage Etsy Store

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I was lucky enough to recently come across a HUGE amount of vintage belts – most from the 80’s and 90’s.  They’re all gorgeous and very high quality – every one a big (but not huge) statement piece.

See them all HERE.

90's Purple Suede Wide Belt with Brushed Gold Metal

90's Cobalt Blue Wide Suede Leather Belt with Doorknocker Hardware

90's Yellow Embossed Leather Wide Belt with Gold Metal Buckle

90's Olive Green Leather Suede Belt with Chunky Gold Metal Hardware

60’s and 70’s Novelty Print Ties – New on Etsy.

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I love these.  Sadly, the best one, printed with the saying, “If it feels good, DO IT!”  is covered in stains (which makes perfect sense), so I can’t sell it.

See more ties, including some from the 40’s (super Art Deco)  and from Liberty of London HERE.

I Ching

Heraldic Shields

Barbershop Quartet

Vintage Stamps

If it feels good - DO IT! (Sorry, NFS, apparently spilling food felt really good)


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