Etsy Rooster Treasury

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‘Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!’ by northstarvintage

Because my husband has ignored my repeated requests to name his old time country band “Big Rooster” I decided to do the next best thing and make it a theme for a treasury.

















Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

But this sale goes to 11

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I just moved a bunch of great stuff into the sale section of the NorthStar Vintage Etsy Store.

And as it’s snowing today, and probably will be tomorrow, use the coupon code SNOWDAY to get an additional 25% of the sale items or any item in the Etsy store.

MORE belts added to the NorthStar Vintage Etsy store!

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I’ve just added a ton of belts to the Etsy store.  Good ones, including Echo, Carlisle, beautiful western style belts, 80’s woven satin belts, wide leather obi style belts, and my favorite, a men’s 60’s leather belt with a big buckle – very rock and roll.

Click on the image to see the listing for the item, or click here to see all the belts now on sale at Etsy.

80's Gold Leather Wide Belt

80's Brown Satin Beaded Belt

80's Brown Leather Equestrian Style Belt

90's Red Leather Belt w/Chunky Gold Hardware

More 70’s and 80’s clothing – Now on Etsy

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I’ve added the last few items from the photoshoot with my amazing model to the NSV Etsy Store. Lots of sequins and velvet.  And even a Picasso!

Northstar Vintage on Etsy: More clothing added

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I’ve just added my 100th piece to the NorthStar Vintage Etsy Store!  It’s always easy to list things when the pictures look so good and actually do justice to the clothes.

These most recent items were modeled beautifully by Lilia, with photography work by my favorite photographer – my husband.

Belts – Just listed on Etsy

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I just added a  bunch of belts to the NorthStar Vintage Etsy store, including vintage 80’s wide belts, chain necklace belts, bunny rabbit belts, and more.

If you like the clothes shown in the shots, stay tuned, as I’ll be listing them today and tomorrow.

Click on the photo to see the belts.

Cool new Etsy store.

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My friend and fellow Rush fan, Mike, has opened up a store on Etsy.

Mike has an eye for really weird/cool stuff.  He’s also an incredibe artist.  His store showcases both of these talents.  (Click on the image to go to the store).

Vintage Ties – Now on Sale

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I just added a whole mess of vintage ties to the Sale section of the NSV Etsy store.  Included are  ties from Liberty of London, Rooster, Flamsted, and a bunch of 40’s wide satin Art Deco ties.  Shipping prices have also been reduced.

You know the deal – click on the tie to see the Sale or click HERE to see the entire Etsy Store.

It’s almost time for spring cleaning – Etsy Sale!

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I’m pretending it’s spring already, even though the NSV Corporate Headquarters is surrounded by 5 feet of rock solid snow-ice.  I need clear out and reorganize my studio space, so I’m having an Etsy Sale.  More items are being added almost daily.

Click on the 80’s Leather and Fur bootie to see the sale.  Or check out all my Etsy items HERE.

Vintage Lilli Ann

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There’s not much more I need to say (except this 50’s coat has the best striped taffeta lining – like Easter on the inside!).

Click on the image to see the coat, or visit the NorthStar Vintage Online Store.

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